A lot of amazing hotels are developed across the globe. From treetop hideaways to underwater hotels, the world sees new properties pushing the boundaries of what a typical hotel experience can feel like. Regardless of the innovation carried out in hotels, there are basic requirements that must be met by hotels to ensure a welcoming and comforting experience for guests. These requirements include the following:


No matter the size of a hotel, it has to uphold the highest standards for cleanliness. It needs to provide clean public spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities. Although recycling is an important initiative, it should not give way to a lack of hygiene.

Safety and Security

For a lot of people, a hotel like Ouray Chalet Inn and Hotel serves as a home away from home.  This requires them to have the most diligent safety and security measures. A lot of hotels concentrate on offering personalized safety and security measures for various gust profiles like women, the elderly, and children. They use advanced technologies to achieve their safety and security goals.


Guests at all kinds of hotels demand a certain level of internet service. Business hotels especially should offer the highest level of connectivity and flexibility. At a lot of hotels, guests expect complimentary internet access. These days, guests expect every hotel to offer free Wi-Fi access.

Comfortable Beds

Hotels serve as the basic need for every guest at the end of the day. They offer a place to rest and relax, so guests expect the hotels they book to have high-quality, clean, and well-cared-for beds. Also, the beds are positioned in the room to enable proper circulation.

Attentive Phone Answering

Typically, reputable hotels have a standard policy of answering the phone in three rings. Unfortunately, some calls get directed to an agent who doesn’t possess the information the person on the other end wants to get. Regardless of a hotel’s classification, it needs to have an assigned qualified agent who can effectively and efficiently answer the questions and concerns of every guest. Also, the agent should be able to refer a guest to the appropriate department when necessary.

Reliable Plumbing

This includes have proper water flow from the sink and toilet. Every guest expects clear, potable water, as well as proper and continuous hot running water in the shower. In fact, some accommodations include a bathtub in the room. Well-maintained hotel plumbing systems ensure optimal guest experience.