Finally, after all those years of false starts and broken expectations, you have met The Right One, and you both want to make it permanent! Congratulations, you are getting married! Soon the Big Day you have been waiting for will come, and you need to be ready for it! But, where to begin? There’s so much to plan and think about, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, take a deep breath, sit down with the love of your life, and start doing some planning- it’s not that hard!

The first thing you need to decide is a date! Whatever time of year it may be right now, you will want to do it soon, so don’t wait around for June, or the holiday season, just pick a date in the near, but not too near, future and go with it! Next up is the venue. This is a pretty important one, so be sure to give it some careful thought. Be sure to check out the fantastic wedding venues in Mornington Peninsula, they have everything you will need to make your wedding absolutely perfect!

Next up is the guest list. You are going to have to make a serious decision now- almost everybody, or just a few? It really depends on the two of you, and what your preferences are. Some people want a big wedding with multitudes of people to help them celebrate, and others want something intimate, just a few of their closest family and friends to witness your commitment to each other. Just remember, the most important thing is that you and your intended have the happiest night of your life, so think carefully about who’s going to be there with you!

Once you have decided on the list, it’s time to pick out the invitations and get them sent off. It’s a good idea to bring a bit of professionalism to this, make sure you have everybody’s name are spelt right and their proper titles (Mr, Mrs, Doctor, Professor, Governor, Monsignor, etc.). Even though most people are pretty good sports about an error, you want them to be focused on the fun they will have, not groaning at your mistake! The invitations only need to be as fancy as you want them to be, although a little bit posh might be nice considering how special the occasion is- once again the most important thing is accuracy, it’s critical that you have the date, time, and location printed out crystal clear and absolutely accurate so there will be no misunderstandings! Fancy fonts are fine for the folderol, but when it comes to the details make sure they are easy for anybody to read!

Now onto everybody’s favourite part, the food! The excellent quality venue you have chosen can probably whip up whatever your heart desires, but if you and/or your guests have special dietary needs or restrictions it’s essential that you discuss them with the catering staff well in advance.

What’s the most important thing? Your love! Congratulations!