Whether you travel to Copenhagen regularly or occasionally, you will want to look for extra comfort or something more special. An apartment hotel copenhagen is the type of accommodation that will let you experience this. These days, hotels are not your only options when travelling to the Danish capital. Apartments are great options for extended stays. Below are the reasons why you will want to stay in a hotel apartment in the city:

You can Enjoy Privacy

Although your hotel room’s space is private, the building will be shared once you step out of the door. A serviced apartment offers the kind of privacy that even a hotel suite cannot offer. This has to do with the level of facility that an apartment can provide. An apartment offers all the rooms you can find in a home, from bedrooms to a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room, the apartment provides a level of privacy that would only expect in your own house.

You Have Access to your Desired Service

The best thing about staying in a serviced apartment is that you can use as much or as little service as you want. A luxury serviced apartment will offer daily maid service, round-the-clock concierge services, and restaurant-quality dining options within it. Whatever services you need to maximise your apartment stay will be available.

You Get the Freedom

Hotel apartments in Copenhagen provide the freedom to fine-tune your activities to meet your specific requirements. You can cook up whatever you want in the kitchen since you have access to all the utensils and equipment you need. If you want to have a diverse dining experience, you can dine in at a restaurant nearby. You can be sure to have a stay that is precisely how you want it to be.

Moreover, the location of the apartments themselves is another freedom you can enjoy when you stay at a serviced apartment. Unlike hotels that are located on the main thoroughfare, a hotel apartment is built to give you a more local experience. Being erected in streets less trodden these apartments offer their guest an experience that reveals much more of Copenhagen.

You Get More Space

Hotel apartments provide more space than an equivalent standard of hotel. Again, this comes to giving all guests a more comfortable travelling experience. The extra space available at your apartment gives you room to breathe after a busy day exploring the city.